‘The New Rules of Recruitment Selling’ – In Warsaw, Poland!

By Andy Preston | Andy Preston News

Feb 03

Warsaw Welcome
I was over in Warsaw, Poland once again this weekend seeing a couple of my Recruitment clients and catching up with friends. I’ve been to Warsaw more than 20 times now, and enjoy it each time.

It was definitely a little colder than being in Dublin and London earlier in the week, but warmer than it had been a week or so earlier, when it got down to -20!

It’s always interesting to see how the market is performing in Warsaw.  I find it’s a ‘busy’ city, where there is plenty of focus on business activity, and some good energy about the city in general.

The recruitment clients I met with on this trip, I first was introduced to (and re-introduced to) in Warsaw when I was speaking at the Association of Employment Agencies (SAZ) conference a couple of years ago.

I was the keynote speaker on my SAZ Polandspecialist recruitment keynote ‘The New Rules of Recruitment Selling’ (the standard version is ‘Nowe Zasady Sprzedazy’) back in 2015, where I talk about how Recruiters need to adapt to close more business in the future.

From that speech, I had a number of companies approach me and ask if I could speak at their company conference, or train their teams in ‘The New Rules of Recruitment Selling‘.

I realised then that the problem that Polish Recruiters were having, weren’t that different to my other recruitment clients in other countries around the globe.

So What Is – My ‘New Rules of Recruitment Selling’ Work?

I do a large amount of work in Recruitment, and have specific versions of my ‘Stand Out Selling’ System and other programmes.

To find out more about my Sales Training For Recruiters – go here

So, Back To The Recruitment Company Conversations!…..

So what did I talk to these Warsaw Recruitment Companies about?

1. You can’t STAND OUT from your competition, when you make your business development calls EXACTLY the same way as they do!

This is typical in Recruitment (as well as many other industries), where most of the ‘salespeople’ (in this case, consultants) get their training from similar sources (managers, leaders, standard recruitment industry trainers etc), that all the business development calls made by everyone sound the same!

This is obviously a major problem, if you’re trying to persuade the prospect that you are different! You can say ‘we are different!’ all you like, but if your BEHAVIOUR isn’t different, it’s highly likely the prospect won’t believe you – not a great start to a prospective business relationship!

stand-out-thumbnail 2. In a commoditised market, the ‘difference’ is the individual salesperson. That’s one of my favourite sayings, and it’s even true in recruitment, where traditionally the focus has been on the candidate(/s) submitted.

If you can get the prospect to choose to work with you. To select you over other firms and other recruiters EVEN when you don’t have the best candidate? That’s a sign of a good salesperson.

3. Prioritising phone calls. There is a definite ‘trend’ right now of salespeople ‘defaulting’ to contact via email rather than using the phone.


That causes it’s own problems, as naturally it affects the ‘persuasiveness’ of the salesperson and their ability to turn the situation to their advantage. Their influence on the situation is also negatively affected.

So I’m looking forward to going back to Warsaw in a couple of months and helping these companies with those (and some other) sales challenges!

So Was It All Work, Andy?

Of course not! I had time to walk around the park in the snow, and see the Palace of Culture and Science (Pałac Kultury i Nauki) as well as spend a bit of time in the old town. I’ve done plenty of trips to Warsaw now, and I look forward to coming back again in a couple of months time!

Here are a few pictures – enjoy!

Warsaw Park 3


Warsaw Park


Warsaw palace


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