Sales Motivational Speaker

Sales Motivational Speaker – Andy Preston

Thank you for considering me to speak at your conference, event or team meeting.

I’ve spoken at more than 2,500 events (in 40+ countries) as a Sales Motivational Speaker since 2004, with a wide range of groups, ranging from small groups of leaders, to thousands of salespeople and staff members at large conferences worldwide.

Whilst I have a number of specific speeches, I prefer to tailor my speeches to each client, and their individual needs. That results in better feedback for the event organisers, and more sustainable results for the delegates afterwards!

As a specialist Sales Motivational Speaker, I’m usually booked to speak at Sales Conferences, or a general conference when the company wants their staff to be more ‘sales focused’.

What Else Can You Do At My Event, Apart From The Main Speech?

As well as keynote speeches from the main stage, I also have 57 sales training workshops that I can draw material from, so am often asked to deliver ‘breakout’ sessions or “masterclasses” during the conference. Some companies bring me back after speaking from main stage the previous year, to do some breakout sessions at the conference the following year.

Other companies like me to combine a keynote speech and a breakout training session in the same event! This is usually all discussed in a briefing call prior to the event, and I’m more than happy to help out however I can, to ensure the event is the best it can be for the client.

Take a look at my speaking videos below – the first one shows some clips from events and sessions I’ve run around the world, as well as some feedback from attendees.


The second one is an 5 minute ‘showcase’ speech I did for Unique Speakers Bureau in Johannesburg, South Africa (used with permission).


This third one is feedback from my recent speech for SuperStat Group.


If you have particular requirements you want to discuss, or to find out my availability for your event dates, please call the office on +44 (0)161 401 0142, or fill in the form below, and I’ll get back to you to discuss my availability, and how I may be able to help you best!

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