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Recruitment Sales Training from Recruitment Sales Training Expert, Andy Preston

It’s great that you are interesting in improving the performance of your recruitment sales team – I’m happy to help where I can. My Recruitment Sales Training work gets great feedback from recruiters, managers and business owners!

I take the view that recruitment is a sales job. In fact it’s one of the toughest sales jobs I know! And having trained more than 130,000 recruiters and salespeople in 40+ countries since 2004, I’ve got a fair amount of experience in just how tough it can be!

I bring ‘outside’ sales techniques into my Recruitment Sales Training, in order to give you and your team a big advantage over the competition! Forget the tired, worn-out, and boring stuff all the other recruiters are using (and failing with!). If you truly want to Stand Out from your competition, influence more candidates, win more clients, and place more people at higher fees, that’s the work I specialise in!

So if you’re looking for someone to motivate your team, give them sales skills and techniques that work, and help them beat your competition to place more people, then it’s probably worth us having a conversation.

To know better how I may be able to help you, the best ‘next step’ would be to have a conversation. I insist on speaking to any new potential clients myself – both in order to fully understand their requirements, and also to understand if it is a training project that we would both want to work on together.

You can either call the office directly on +44 (0)161 401 0142, or put your details into the form below, and I’ll call you back to discuss how I may be able to help you in more detail.

I look forward to helping you solve your recruitment sales training challenges, and achieve your sales goals!

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