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Dec 05

Sales Failure 5!! LinkedIn Selling Fail!!!

By Andy Preston | General Sales Tips

This time, Andy comments on a LinkedIn Inbox Message that he received!

As part of the infamous ‘Sales Failure’ Series, Andy takes real-life examples of poor and ineffective selling, and gives you his thoughts on the Sales Lessons you can learn form them to avoid making the same mistakes, and improve your own sales!

Oct 11

How To Convert More Inbound Leads Into Orders

By Andy Preston | General Sales Tips

In this article, leading Sales Expert Andy Preston explains how to take the incoming enquiries you get for your business….. and turn more of them into orders….. Whenever I’m working with businesses and their individual salespeople, this topic keeps coming up!  It seems that whole many people can often convert enquiries from their existing customers […]

Aug 12

Are You REALLY Giving Your Best?

By Andy Preston | General Sales Tips

Are You REALLY Giving Your Best? For most of us, that’s a really tough question to answer honestly. Because if we’re honest with ourselves, most of the time the answer is probably ‘no, not my absolute best’. The moving ‘Facing The Giants’ has a great scene that talks about this…. and it’s especially good if […]

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