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Mar 15

How NOT To Pitch – ‘Real-Life’ Mistakes Agencies Make When Pitching….

By Andy Preston | Design/Print/Media

In this article, leading Sales Expert Andy Preston explains the real-life mistakes agencies make when pitching……that often cost them valuable business……

It’s always interesting when I’m talking to agencies about selling. Whether they’re specialists in Design, Branding, PR, Marketing, or Digital and Social Media, not many people in those organisations would consider themselves ‘professional salespeople’.

Jan 15

‘Selling In A Creative Industry’………

By Andy Preston | Design/Print/Media

The Challenge – You’re working in a creative industry and have a “sales element” to your role that requires you to bring in new business (or you’re in charge of hiring or managing a team to do so).

However, you’d probably hate to think of yourself as a “salesperson” and hate the thought of being seen as one, and being seen as too “pushy”……….if so, this article was written for you!