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Oct 06

In Part 2 of this article, leading Sales Expert Andy Preston explains what the successful sales leaders and salespeople are implementing right now to make sure they have a great year this year!….

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Sales Resolution No 5 – Maximise Sales From Existing Accounts

Many salespeople don’t get enough business from their existing accounts. Which sounds crazy, right? Yet often it’s true…..

How can you maximise your sales revenue to existing clients? Can you capture more of their ‘wallet spend?’. Can you get some of the busimess that currently goes to a competitor to come to you? Can you sell in additional product or service lines to increase their spend with you this year? Are you certain you have 100% of their spend coming to you?

Have you asked the questions to find that out for sure?

Sales Resolution No 4 – Respond To People Faster

One of the things that will be key to a salesperson’s success this year is responsing faster to people – especially sales leads/enquiries!

People are getting used to almost ‘instant’ responses from suppliers – and if they don’t get something quickly from you, there is a danger they’ll go somewhere else – and potentially loseing you a long-term client in the process.

Make sure you’re there first and secure the business/next step, before the competition has even had chance to get in touch!

Sales Resolution No 3 – Embrace Digital Selling

Digital/Remote/Virtual Selling has NEVER been more important, than it is right now! Yet most salespeople are not ‘good’, (let alone ‘great’ at it yet).

How good are you against your competition on this? Way better than them at running online meetings and an ‘remote sales process’ – that is often very different to how it would be done face-to-face? Industry leading in terms of how you present or ‘pitch’ online? How much adaptation have you/your company done to your support materials?

Do you lead the market in this? Or are you behind others?

Sales Resolution No 2 – Get More Testimonials

For anyone thinking of doing business with you, if they don’t have prior experience working with you, it’s a ‘leap of faith’. They have to ‘trust’ you’ll do a good job – without really knowing it UNTIL they’ve had experience working with you.

Testimonials are critical ‘proof’ that you can do a good job. Before they know that for sure by using you. So they are very persuasive. Yet most salespeople don’t get enough, or use them enough.

And right now, video testimoinals are especially useful. Testimonials of people speaking to camera saying what a great job you do, and how you helped them is probably the most powerful persuasive tool you have right now – and are you using it to it’s full potential?

Sales Resolution No 1 – Focus On ‘Sales Improvement’

One of my favourite saying is – Sales won’t get better until YOU get better!

So what are you doing to better yourself, and your sales team right now?

How are you going to ensure that yourself, and your colleagues, are WAY more effective THIS YEAR, than you were last year, or years prior to that?

What are the areas that you need to step up in?

And if you want to learn industry-leading Sales, Influence & Persuasion Skills, go here –

Follow the tips above and watch your sales soar! I look forward to hearing how you get on……..
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