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Andy Preston is a top International Sales Motivational Speaker, Sales Influencer and Master Sales Trainer. Named as one of the World's Top Sales Gurus, Andy creates 'Stand Out Salespeople' worldwide, with his revolutionary 'Stand Out Selling' Sales System. 'Stand Out Selling' helps salespeople stand out from their competition, win more business, and do so at higher prices! Previously a trained Professional Buyer, then the Top Salesperson in the UK, Andy Preston has now trained more than 130,000 Salespeople, in more than 40 countries, on 6 continents, since 2004! Andy is best known for his work in 5 specific areas... 1) Prospecting/Cold Calling/Business Development 2) Converting Incoming Sales Leads 3) Consultative Selling and Pipeline Management 4) Standing Out From The Competition 5) Helping Salespeople Close More Deals! With more testimonials than any other Sales Expert online (330+ on LinkedIn alone), Andy's work is recognised worldwide. You can contact Andy here for more information, and how he may be able to help you! Andy's Recent Accolades....... * The World's Top Recommended Sales Expert * Ranked UK's Top Sales Trainer - LinkedIn * Top Sales Expert - Geniecast * Top Sales Influencer - WittyParrott * Top Sales Experts To Follow On Twitter - Evan Carmichael * 10 Sales Experts Every Salesperson Should Follow On Twitter - Etail Insights

Sep 19

Andy Preston in Japan in October!

By Andy Preston | Andy Preston News

Andy is travelling to Japan in October!  Mainly based around `Tokyo and Kobe. If your Sales Team could use a Motivational ‘Boost’ from one of Andy’s Speeches, or a Sales Training session on ‘Stand Out Selling’ while he is in Japan, contact us using this link We look forward to working with you to increase […]

Sep 12

The Death Of Account Management

By Andy Preston | Sales Management

In this article, leading Sales Expert Andy Preston talks about the death of Account Management… and in particular, how many Sales Leaders failure to recognise this vital point – and how this then causes problems in their sales process, their recruitment process and how it negatively impacts on the activity, behaviour and ultimately the sales figures of their sales team!…..

Aug 12

Are You REALLY Giving Your Best?

By Andy Preston | General Sales Tips

Are You REALLY Giving Your Best? For most of us, that’s a really tough question to answer honestly. Because if we’re honest with ourselves, most of the time the answer is probably ‘no, not my absolute best’. The moving ‘Facing The Giants’ has a great scene that talks about this…. and it’s especially good if […]

Aug 09

Andy Preston in Amsterdam next month!

By Andy Preston | Andy Preston News

Andy is speaking in Amsterdam next month! He will be speaking on ‘Stand Out Selling – How To Sell More At Higher Prices!’. If you’re interested in Andy working with your company whilst he is in Amsterdam, contact us using this link We look forward to working with you to increase your sales, and those […]

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