Quick Sales Tips #1 – Dealing With The ‘Principled’ Objection

By Andy Preston | General Sales Tips

May 29

One of the most difficult (yet hardly talked about) objections to deal with in sales, is the ‘principled’ objection.

This is something I cover fully in my Stand Out Selling Objection Handling training, and it’s something unique to me and that system. So you won’t ever hear other sales trainers or speakers talk about this (although if you do, let me know because that would mean they’ve ‘stolen’ it from me, and I need to go and talk to them about it ;-))

So what do I mean by the ‘principled’ objection? And why is it an important part of objection handling?

The Oxford English dictionary defines principled as ‘(of a person or their behaviour) acting in accordance with morality and showing recognition of right and wrong’

What I mean in relation to this is when the product/service you’re trying to promote, the ‘angle’ you’re using or the package you’re trying to discuss is against their ‘principles’.

Let Me Give You An Example…….

red phoneYour objective in this situation is to tell the customer about the offers you have available, and sell this existing customer an additional product. A typical outbound sales call for some clients that I work with.

They already have a product with you on monthly subscription/contract, but your objective on this call is to sell them an additional one, or a complimentary product that is linked to the one they already own.

That means an increase in the monthly fee they are paying, or a separate contract for the new product that will increase the amount they are paying overall.

The problem is, early in the call, they tell you they are happy to hear about any offers, but they DO NOT want to increase the amount they are paying every month. Now that’s a fairly major problem, if your objective (and your commission) is based on increasing their payment, not reducing it!

Why Most Standard Sales Training Doesn’t Help Here…..

Now here’s what every other sales training company or programme will tell you what to do. They’ll tell you to either ignore it (and run the risk of irritating the other person that thinks you aren’t listening), or they’ll tell you to ‘objection handle’ it, and tell them all the benefits of increasing their monthly fee (which really runs the risk of putting their back up, ad it’s the opposite of what they just told you).

Neither of those work very well in my experience.

So What Do We Need To Do Differently?

The Stand Out Selling way of tackling the ‘Principled’ objection deals with this in a very different way.

In order to deal with the ‘principled’ objection, you HAVE TO DEAL WITH THE ‘PRINCIPLE’ FIRST!

In other words, you need to deal with the principle of ‘I don’t want to spend any more money on a monthly basis’ BEFORE you can suggest any increase, or talk about the benefits of what they could get by increasing their payment, or taking on an additional contract.

Fail Post ItIf you FAIL TO DO THIS, you will almost always come up against resistance.

However, once you overcome this part, dealing with the objection is far easier!

If you’re interested in learning more about dealing with the ‘principled’ objection for yourself or your sales team, or what to understand more about the Stand Out Selling methodology, get in touch here, or call us on +44 161 401 0142, and we’ll be happy to help!

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