Quick Sales Tips #2 – Are You (Or Your Sales Team) Being ‘Blown Up’ By ‘ Sales Landmines?’

By Andy Preston | General Sales Tips

Jul 17
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This is something I talk about a lot in my Stand Out Selling Sales Training sessions.  And it’s unique to myself and the SOS methodology, so you won’t hear any other trainer or speaker talk about this (or if you do, let me know ;-))

Sales Landmines are things that will ‘blow up’ in your face if you don’t find out about them first, and ‘defuse’ them correctly.

The context for this is either on a telephone call (where you are moving through a lot of the sales process in one go) or on a video or face-to-face sales meeting, where you are about to ‘pitch’ the prospect on your product or service, or move them to the next step..

Most salespeople are guilty of moving too quickly towards pitching their product/service, when the prospect is still to see the value.  In other words, they still haven’t decided whether they need this product/service yet, and the salesperson is going into ‘this is my product/service and isn’t it great’ mode!

So What Happens If You Do That?

If you move too quickly towards ‘pitch’ mode, very often you’ll get hit by a ‘sales landmine’.

Let me give you an example here.  Let’s say that you are selling advertising (doesn’t matter whether it’s online or offline for this example).

sales_megaphoneYou’re starting to pitch your advertising, and the prospect could ends up saying something like ‘yeah, but we’re not going to pay for advertising again’.

What this means is they paid for advertising in the past, got ‘burnt’ by another provider, and that made them determined not to pay for it again!

Traditional sales training will tell you that this is a ‘bad prospect’, other sales trainers will say they should have been ‘qualified out’.  They are wrong.

So What’s The Truth?

The truth is this is a ‘sales landmine’  You should have found out about their previous experience with advertising in the questioning phase of your meeting/call.  (You are following a defined sales method/process for your call or meeting aren’t you?  If not, message me here and we can talk about why that is essential for sales success).

Selling By Email - MistakesBecause you didn’t, it’s now ‘blown up’ in your face, and it will be almost impossible to turn this sales call/meeting around, and get them to invest with you.

That’s the salesperson’s fault for not finding it out earlier, and having a plan (or angle) to deal with it.

‘Stand Out’ Salespeople find out potential ‘landmines’ during the questioning phase of their call/meeting, create ‘angles’ to defuse and deal with them, and progress the call/meeting to the next stage, or close.

red phoneIf you and your team want to find out how to do that better, get in touch here  or call +44 161 401 0142 and we can talk about how we can get you and your team better at overcoming ‘sales landmines’

I look forward to hearing about your future sales!

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