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Mar 15

Andy Preston Ltd move into new Head Office to look after international clients…..

In order to cope with growing demand for their services, Andy Preston Ltd have moved to new, larger premises located at Manchester Airport. As the business expands both nationally and internationally, the new location will provide more suitable travel links for both the UK and abroad.

In addition to making travel easier for both staff and clients, the new premises also have training facilities on-site, allowing Andy and the team to deliver their recognised sales training programmes in-house for the first time.

Andy Preston made the following comment ‘The new location is fantastic for international travel, with direct links into the major airports in Europe, the US and the Middle East – where we’re seeing a growing number of companies ask for our help in improving sales.’

‘The rising demand for our services within the UK as well meant that larger premises were necessary, and I’ve wanted the ability to train on our own premises for a while – which means we can now cater for an even greater number of clients. In this current market, we’re seeing an ever-growing demand for our services, and this move will help us increase the sales of even more people‘ commented Andy.

Head Office

The business will still retain a regional presence in the Midlands and London, and have hired more staff as a result of the move. As well as providing Sales Training, the company also works within the sporting arena, sponsoring some local teams as well as employing ex-professional sportspeople within the organisation. ‘There is definitely a link between Sales Performance and Sports Performance‘ commented Andy. ‘For that reason I’m keen to work closely with local teams, and the signed shirts on the wall always get commented on when clients visit the office!’

Andy Preston Ltd are a leading provider of Sales Training, Sales Coaching and Sales Consultancy both in the UK and Internationally. They can be contacted directly on +44 (0) 845 130 6779.

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