Dec 07

Why You MUST Qualify Your Appointments……..

By Andy Preston

This article was written specifically for salespeople who make their own appointments (or have someone else to make the appointments for them) – then they attend the face-to-face meeting.

The Challenge……..

You’ve made an appointment (or someone has made it for you) but you’re not sure how keen the prospect is, nor whether they’ll remember your appointment when you turn up….

Dec 01

Is Your Franchise Failing Through Lack Of Sales?…..It Is Now!

By Andy Preston

In this article we discuss the challenges a franchisee can have with selling what they offer and growing their franchise…..

The Challenge……you’re a new franchisee……….you’ve been for your training with the franchisor…..and you’re excited about your new business and starting to make some money…….however, no-one’s taught you how to sell……..

A business advisor friend of mine told me years ago that the two biggest reasons small business fail come from 2 main things …..

Nov 22

Stop Being So Nice On Your Cold Calls!

By Andy Preston

Often when I’m running my cold call training sessions, I notice that some people seem to be far too nice when it comes to cold calling! It’s almost as if they’re apologising for the call, before they’ve even started!

In this article, we explore why lots of people are too ‘nice’ on their cold calls, the problems it can cause and what we do about it.

Nov 14

Bite-Sized Sales Training For The Credit Crunch……

By Andy Preston

Bite-Sized Sales Training deisnged for the Credit Crunch!

We’ve had some feedback on our new style bite-sized training to specifically help companies with reduced budgets that still want to keep themselves and their sales teams motivated and at the ‘top of their game!’

More details in the full article!

Oct 20

Cold Calling Mistakes – Calling For ‘Quotes’

By Andy Preston

One of the problems that can occur when cold calling, is when you call just with the aim of getting ‘quotes’ from decision makers and prospects. In this article, we tackle the problems that this can bring you (and what to do about them!).

This is more common than people realise, and unless done correctly, calling for ‘quotes’ can have a detrimental impact on your potential cold calling success and ultimately sales figures!

Oct 15

7 Top Tips On Making That ‘First’ Call….

By Andy Preston

This article has been specifically written for those of you that find themselves procrastinating over making that ‘first’ call.

Whenever I’m delivering my cold call training sessions, people always tell me they find it difficult to make the ‘first’ call of the day, and end up doing ANYTHING other than picking up the phone!

Whether it’s fear, procrastination, loathing, or apathy there’s something that stops people, and makes them avoid the activity – sometimes entirely!

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