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Apr 14

Stand Out Selling!

By Andy Preston | Andy Preston News

You may well have heard Andy speak, have read one of his articles or heard about Stand Out Selling. You may well be interested in how it works, or simply just curious about what it is!

In this article, we’ve transcribed part of an interview with Andy on the topic…..

So, What Is Stand Out Selling?

Stand Out Selling is my unique Sales Methodology, based on my background as a professional buyer, the top selling salesperson in the UK and now working all over the world to improve Sales Performance – over 50,000 people worked with in over 15 countries so far!

Its purpose is to help you stand out from your competition, close more deals, and win the business – even when you’re a higher price!

Where Does Stand Out Selling Come From?

From my own background! There are plenty of good sales methodologies and approaches on the market. Spin Selling, High Value Selling, Consultative Selling etc. I just found in my sales career that I couldn’t get any one of them to work on the majority of occasions – so I felt that I was leaving money on the table, and losing deals that I didn’t need to be losing!

That’s what made me find my own way of selling… in a market where I had over 150 direct competitors on my territory, selling pretty much the same thing…usually at a cheaper price…. that took me to the top salesperson in the country.

Then when I moved into running a sales team, I started put down what I did – to become very successful – into a process and structure of techniques, tactics and strategy that was proven to work in the majority of circumstances!

So, How Does Stand Out Selling Differ From Other Methodologies?

As I mentioned before, there are plenty of good sales methodologies on the market – although some salespeople haven’t been trained in them! The beauty of Stand Out Selling however is that it doesn’t ‘replace’ any current behaviour, strategy, techniques or sales systems you may be using (and probably getting a level of results from).

Stand Out Selling ‘fits over the top’ of them and complements them! Meaning that it can be used in conjunction with any selling style, any methodology, in any market!

The key to Stand Out Selling is that it has the ‘Person’ at its core. It’s about differentiation in the sales process, being seen as the provider of choice, and the prospect wanting to buy from you! That changes the whole selling process around, and makes it much easier!

Why Does Your System Get Better Results?

I guess if you asked my clients they say things like ‘cuts through the ‘theory-style’ sales training that often doesn’t work in the real world’, ‘helps people improve sales immediately without destroying what they do now’ and ‘deals with the biggest problems salespeople are facing right now – and solves them’.

Stand Out Selling focuses on how people make buying decisions – then aligns the sales process to that – resulting in less resistance and objections, better closing ratios and more revenue and profit at the end of the process!

It embraces ‘Digital Selling’ – ways to use digital technology to increase our ‘win chance’ in the sales process. That includes using online networking sites like LinkedIn, influencing people through ‘sales persuasive’ emails and Online Chat and other digital tools to make people more likely to buy from you!

In short, it helps you sell more, more often! Which is why that’s our company strapline, and our focus anytime we work with a client!

And as for results, I believe client testimonials speak for that, far better than I can! I’d suggest looking at the recommendations from people I’ve worked with on my LinkedIn Profile…. 275+ people can’t be wrong!

So How Do We Find Out More About Stand Out Selling?

Simply call the office on +44 (0)161 401 0142, or send me a message over LinkedIn, and I’ll be happy to see how Stand Out Selling can help you and your team Sell More, More Often!

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Feb 05

Andy Preston…. in South Africa!

By Andy Preston | Andy Preston News

Andy Preston ventures to…. South Africa!

January saw Andy Preston travel to South Africa for the first time. Starting off his speaking tour in Johannesburg, Andy spoke to a recruitment client, as well as meeting with a financial services organisation and another recruitment company interested in working together to improve their sales.

Speaking Event in Melrose Arch!

Another highlight of Andy’s stay in Johannesburg was speaking at a prestigious event in Melrose Arch, alongside the cream of South African and International Speaking talent. This was set in an impressive venue, with an audience of over 400 people – from some of the largest organisations in South Africa – many of whom had travelled from all over the country, just for that event!

Continuing The Tour In Cape Town!

Andy continued his tour with a few days in Cape Town, working with an existing client to help them get more business off their competition. Whilst in Cape Town, Andy found time to do some cage diving with sharks (more of that in a separate blog), ziplining down mountains and seeing some of South Africa.

Of course, the highlight of any trip to Cape Town, is of course, Table Mountain!

Next Steps….

Andy is now planning further trips to South Africa in 2013, so if you’re in (or near) Cape Town, Durban or Johannesburg, get in touch with us now on +44 161 401 0142 to see if Andy can help you as well, while he’s in South Africa!

About The Author:

Andy Preston is a leading Sales Expert, Trainer and Motivational Speaker

You can get Andy’s free cold calling and sales tips HERE

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Apr 10

Andy Preston – Live In Macedonia!

By Andy Preston | Andy Preston News

We’re proud to announce we’ve secured another new client – in Macedonia!
After researching a number of sales training companies, Seavus – a leading multinational IT software provider – chose Andy Preston Ltd to deliver 2 days training on cold calling and appointment making.

The main reasons they chose us as their preferred training partner were because of Andy’s experience in the IT industry, his speciality in cold calling and appointment making, and his extensive experience of companies calling into various countries around Europe.

Whilst this is our first piece of work in Macedonia, we’ve sent Andy to a number of countries already this year, and he’s off to Qatar later this month to deliver his unique ‘Selling Over LinkedIn’ course.

Macedonia - Sales Training

For anyone interested in increasing their sales, hiring Andy to work with their international sales team, or wanting to sell more over LinkedIn – call the office now on +44 (0) 845 130 6779.

The link to the Seavus press release is here.

Mar 15

Andy Preston – On The Move…….

By Andy Preston | Andy Preston News

Andy Preston Ltd move into new Head Office to look after international clients…..

In order to cope with growing demand for their services, Andy Preston Ltd have moved to new, larger premises located at Manchester Airport. As the business expands both nationally and internationally, the new location will provide more suitable travel links for both the UK and abroad.

In addition to making travel easier for both staff and clients, the new premises also have training facilities on-site, allowing Andy and the team to deliver their recognised sales training programmes in-house for the first time.

Andy Preston made the following comment ‘The new location is fantastic for international travel, with direct links into the major airports in Europe, the US and the Middle East – where we’re seeing a growing number of companies ask for our help in improving sales.’

‘The rising demand for our services within the UK as well meant that larger premises were necessary, and I’ve wanted the ability to train on our own premises for a while – which means we can now cater for an even greater number of clients. In this current market, we’re seeing an ever-growing demand for our services, and this move will help us increase the sales of even more people‘ commented Andy.

Head Office

The business will still retain a regional presence in the Midlands and London, and have hired more staff as a result of the move. As well as providing Sales Training, the company also works within the sporting arena, sponsoring some local teams as well as employing ex-professional sportspeople within the organisation. ‘There is definitely a link between Sales Performance and Sports Performance‘ commented Andy. ‘For that reason I’m keen to work closely with local teams, and the signed shirts on the wall always get commented on when clients visit the office!’

Andy Preston Ltd are a leading provider of Sales Training, Sales Coaching and Sales Consultancy both in the UK and Internationally. They can be contacted directly on +44 (0) 845 130 6779.

About The Author:

Andy Preston is a leading Sales Expert, Trainer and Motivational Speaker

He runs the Ecademy ‘Sales And Cold Calling Tips Club’ as well as writing for magazines, newspapers and trade journals all around the world on anything related to sales and selling.

You can get Andy’s free cold calling and sales tips HERE

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